Sasquatchfabrix. +
Ninja Tune + BEAMS

Triple collaboration between the Japanese cult label Sasquatchfabrix., British music label Ninja Tune and BEAMS. Referencing myriad of Japanese and western cultural influences, Sasquatchfabrix. strives to create an unique approach, forging a distinctly unique bridge between wearable streetwear and traditional Japanese clothing, and presenting them with modernistic designs. The theme of this season is “Ninja”, known as the professional spies in the pre-modern age in Japan. The graphic design has been developed in collaboration with Ninja Tune, using their iconic ninja logo. Pushing the boundaries of both music and fashion, the collection showcases T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and trousers through the theme of ninja.

Launching in BEAMS HARAJUKU on March 16th


Sasquatchfabrix. is a Japanese cult label based in Tokyo, Japan. Reflecting on social conditions and background, Sasquatchfabrix. strives to establish a strong theme and aesthetic based on the label’s progressive nature and willingness to revisit traditional ideals with a rebellious edge. The label pursuits and utilise the traditional Japanese elements to discover new values and characteristics in their collection.

Ninja Tune

Formed in London by Matt Black and Jonathan More, the duo known as Coldcut in 1990, Ninja Tune have established themselves as one of the world’s leading independent record labels, etching its story into the pages of ground-breaking music.
Now a bonafide music institution both on these shores and beyond, they are synonymous with diverse, uncompromising releases and equally visionary artists, committed to pushing the boundaries of expectation — from the sweatiest basement clubs to the Royal Albert Hall, from underground classics to Mercury Prize-winning albums.