Unplugged Issue09

Research, shoot arrangements and photography for HOUYHNHNM Unplugged Magazine “VUCA” feature in issue 09. We have interviewed Courier, Lower Stable Street, NTS Radio and Community Clothing in the feature.


Print magazine of the online web magazine Houyhnhnm. Published bi-annually, the magazine features fashion, culture and lifestyle along it’s strong theme every issue.



Courier is a London-based magazine, reports on modern business and startup culture. Launched in 2013, they are now stocked in over 350 outlets in London and as well as available in other locations around the UK and internationally with 80,000.


Lower Stable Street

Lower Stable Street, a new street for pop-ups, live events and experiential stores from a creative collective of established and up-and-coming brands.

Curated by independent magazine, KIOSK N1C, Lower Stable Street is a sunken street between Stable Street and the main Coal Drops Yard.


NTS Radio

NTS is an online radio station based in London with studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Manchester. Broadcasting underground music live, 24/7 with a concept of “Don’t Assume”.


Community Clothing

Founded by British fashion designer Patrick Grant, Community Clothing is a social enterprise with a simple mission – to make excellent quality affordable clothes for men and women, to create great jobs for skilled workers and by doing this help to restore real pride in Britain’s textile communities.