Hackney Downs Studios
+ Takeyuki Chiba

BEAMS & CO presents an exhibition of Berlin-based artist, Takeyuki Chiba for 10th anniversary Open Studios Series 2019, a celebration of 10 years of Eat Work Art across Netil House, Hackney Downs Studios and Old Paradise Yard.

The exhibit features 14 newest print artworks and projection of his 3D motion graphic films, shown in a small dark room in the studio showcasing his growth in the dark art prints as well.

Takeyuki Chiba

Japanese artist based in Berlin.

He works with digital media sculptures and 3D motion graphics.

With his background in working in both fashion and design industry, he explores the silhouettes of different objects throughout his works. Inspired by subjects in nature, such as light, metal and concrete, he creates innovative unique structures in his artworks.


Eat Work Art

Eat Work Art was established in 2009 with the aim of revitalising disused buildings in London, transforming them into workspaces for independent creative communities to grow.

Launching with the iconic Netil House in London Fields, an unloved 60’s building transformed into a power house of creativity, crowned with a sprawling rooftop.

With Hackney Downs Studios, Old Paradise Yard and Alma Yard, they have grown organically and now provide creative workspace and coworking for over 600 creative practitioners and businesses.