Ace Hotel Shoreditch

BEAMS&CO has curated the Christmas tree for Ace Hotel London Shoreditch. In keeping with the hotel’s non-traditional Christmas tree tradition, we present ‘Bonsai/Christmas Everywhere.’
The handmade Japanese moss-covered cabinet is covered in moss from GREEN’S GREEN, a project that aims to make traditional Japanese horticulture accessible.

The interior is made up of an internal maze of LED lights and mirrors, placed by Anyhow LTD, a design house with offices in both London and Tokyo and constructed by a London-based bespoke furniture designer and maker, Juan Junca. The diorama depicts two Bonsai trees showing Christmas scenes of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, complete with miniature families and animals enjoying the festive season.

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch
100 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JQ

7th December 2018 – 31st December 2018

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch hangs its hat in London’s most creative and engaged district. A gathering place that fosters cultural communion and fresh ideas, they have worked alongside London-based architecture and design firm Universal Design Studio to incorporate a wide range of influences – reflective of the cosmopolitan yet historic character of the surroundings – from the clean Modernism of the Bauhaus to UK punk, to the bold graphic style of the early 20th century Vorticist movement. Ace London features a variety of on-site treasures, such as the celestial basement bar and music venue Miranda, a gym and sauna, a modernist brasserie Hoi Polloi and a rooftop events space for private bookings. With an array of cultural programming and a community of local businesses congregating under one roof, Ace Hotel has translated its ethos into a London vernacular in Shoreditch.


GREEN’S GREEN is a project that aims to spread the idea of traditional Japanese horticulture by introducing and making eco-friendly green products accessible, ranging from bonsais to mosses. Based in Niigata city, Northern part of Japan, known as a historical horticultural area since the Edo period (1603-1868), bonsais and mosses are cultivated by local horticultural engineers and bonsai artists. 

‘MASUMOSS’ is their signature bonsai/mosses that comes in a transitional wooden sake masu cups all sourced exclusively within Japan.

Anyhow LTD

Anyhow is an international brand and design house based in London and Tokyo. Working closely with clients to build a complete creative vision offering smart brand strategy and thoughtful design throughout the process. With a global point of view, Anyhow works across brand identities, print, digital, product, installation, spatial design and motion graphics.

Juan Junca

Juan Junca is a London based bespoke furniture maker trained in traditional techniques, with a focus on the use of solid wood. He designs bespoke freestanding and fitted pieces as well as his own range of furniture. His designs are inspired by mid-century furniture and the arts and crafts movement, and often incorporate curved work. He seeks to create aesthetically pleasing, long lasting furniture without ever compromising on structural integrity.