Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

BEAMS x Ace Hotel London Shoreditch Travel Pop-up. A “travel” themed curated pop-up store adjacent to the hotel lobby exclusively for the holiday season, featuring a highly curated collection of designer pieces and original brand products and collaborations. The collection will include packable travel accessories like neck pillows and eye masks from Tokyu Hands own line Hands +, lightweight packable travel clothing from TEÄTORA, travel-sized toiletries from SENSE OF HUMOUR, leather keychains from Ganzo, next generation speaker, Cotodama Lyric Speaker and more.

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch hangs its hat in London’s most creative and engaged district. A gathering place that fosters cultural communion and fresh ideas, they have worked alongside London-based architecture and design firm Universal Design Studio to incorporate a wide range of influences – reflective of the cosmopolitan yet historic character of the surroundings – from the clean Modernism of the Bauhaus to UK punk, to the bold graphic style of the early 20th century Vorticist movement. Ace London features a variety of on-site treasures, such as the celestial basement bar and music venue Miranda, a gym and sauna, a modernist brasserie Hoi Polloi and a rooftop events space for private bookings. With an array of cultural programming and a community of local businesses congregating under one roof, Ace Hotel has translated its ethos into a London vernacular in Shoreditch.

Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands was first established in Tokyo in 1976 and currently operates over 30 branches all across Japan. Tokyu Hands has always been the place to shop for exciting shopping ideas, creative inspiration and new lifestyle products in Japan. Hand + (plus) is their new in-house lifestyle ranges produced by Tokyu Hands.


TEÄTORA is a contemporary workwear inspired brand for creatives leading busy modern life. The signature collection features the beautiful silhouette of slacks when standing, the comfort of sitting in relaxing wear and even the toughness of jeans, all are in this pair of tops and bottoms. They are made to endure the time required for a long hour of flights and work life. TEÄTORA is a workwear brand for modern creators, by redesigning the concept of trousers, researching the environments of modern creators and reimagining the relationship between the human body and the work chair.


Inspired by the unconventional ethos of bohemian lifestyle, SENSE OF HUMOUR introduces you to a range of luxury beauty products. Produced with carefully selected ingredients in Japan, all the products does not contain any additives and animal-derived components that cause damages and allergies. With its strict standard, SENSE OF HUMOUR enhances your everyday experience.


Established in 1917 hailing from Japan, the prodigy line “GANZO” by “AJIOKA” purely pursues authenticity and utmost beauty within the world’s best leather. GANZO leather ages gracefully with use, as it takes on their owner’s character and becomes their reflection. From the selection of materials, cutting, thinning, sewing to polishing without an inch of compromise, the persistence and energy of ‘Takumi (expert craft)’ delivers you the one-of-a-kind item crafted by artists who are well-verses in Japanese crafts and techniques.

Cotodama Lyric Speaker

Cotodama Lyric Speaker is the next generation speaker which enriches the joy of lyrics. It is the world’s first speaker equipped with “Lyric Sync Technology”, which automatically analyses and visualises the song’s mood and structure to create motion graphics on the acrylic screen to each songs played from your device. Each speaker is skilfully handcrafted and assembled in Japan. It helps the listener to dive into the world of music and its artist.