A collective connecting the cultural dots

A collaborative, co-operative collective.
One cannot carry out a task in which there is not collective learning and reward. BEAMS & CO is the collective for connecting the cultural dots, introducing cultural assets to relevant audiences.

BEAMS&CO is a creative agency based in London, working in collaboration with forward-thinking clients to support their ambitions. As does BEAMS, we push the boundaries of creative potentials through collaboration, curation and cooperation.

We specialise in four main areas:

We manage aspirational artists and realise creative projects. Supporting the artists’ visions, we forge a bridge between Japan and rest of the world.

We help Japanese brands and designers broaden their possibilities overseas. We also help brands connect with Japanese markets and audiences.

We want to communicate and convey the authenticity of Japanese culture. We plan, propose and run creative projects that unite cultures.

We work as shoot coordinators and producers working across areas of stills, moving images and events. We also work closely with our clients to help develop their creative process with originality and relevance.
BEAMS is a lifestyle retailer and a community of cultural arbiters that has led Tokyo fashion for 40 years. Since 1976, BEAMS has been the pioneer of Japanese lifestyle retailing, and has since developed numerous labels to encompass an ever evolving array of styles and trends. Now with more than 150 shops across Japan and Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing and Bangkok, BEAMS has grown into a major lifestyle retailer with businesses in fashion, home furnishing, arts, cafe and dining.